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Colorado State Publications Filing Rules


  1. The publications, the microfiche file, and the shelf-list are arranged in order according to the classification scheme. It is a unique system and has no relationship to the L.C. or Dewey Decimal systems. Use the Colorado State Publications Classification Schedule for reference. File according to the filing rules below.
  2. File each element within the call number in numerical or alphabetical order, moving from left to right. Concentrate on the numbers to the left of the period before moving on to the right. Thus:

ED2. files before ED3.

ED4.1 files before ED4.2

ED4.2/F45 files before ED4.2/R29

  1. To the left of the period, numbers before a slash refer directly to the administrative unit. Subdivisions of the unit are designated by numbers following the slash. Each element is filed by numerical or alphabetical order. Thus:

AG2.1 files before HED2.1

ED2.21 files before ED2/1.2 which files before ED2/2.1 GO38.18/1979 files before GO38/12.1/1978

  1. To the right of the period, elements are filed with alphabetical before numerical elements when they coincide in the sequence. Thus:

NR6.16/A/F files before NR6.16/IND before NR6.16/1980

  1. Dates may be filed chronologically, with the latest to the front or vice versa, depending on local practice and preference (the State Library files numerically). Thus:

NR6.16/1988 files before NR6.16/1989

  1. Miscellaneous elements in publication numbers are filed in sequence. Numbers file before years. Thus:

pt1 files before pt2; v1 before v2 HI1.3/no files before HI1.3/year

  1. The following summarizes the order of alphabetical and numerical elements, years, and miscellaneous elements when coinciding in the sequence:


HI1.3/D32/year HI1.3/no

HI1.3/year - yr

HI1.3/year - yr/2

HI1.3/year - yr/2/sup


Adapted from Classification Manual and Filing Rules for the State Publications Depository and Distribution Center, Robert Shaklee, March 18, 1987