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Non-Public School Fall Count

2023-24 Fall Count

Section C-1: Non-Public School Information

Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

Mandatory Form #DMC-125 EDAC approved 3/3/23 for 2023-2024

Section 22-1-114 of the Colorado Revised Statutes allows Colorado’s public-school districts to collect, not more than once per month, certain information from non-public schools within their districts to meet their responsibilities for the compulsory attendance of eligible children.

The pupil membership counts reported below become a significant component in computing allocations for ESEA, CPP, Special Education, Nutrition Programs, etc.

Process for Reporting of Information Regarding Colorado Non-Public Schools:

1. Non-Public School Instructions:

a)  Complete and submit this online form.

When you click Submit, copies of your submission will be emailed to you (the person completing this form), the principal or director of the non-public school and CDE.

b) Forward the email copy of your submission to your district's Directory Count Respondent(s).

If there are multiple contacts listed, please forward your email copy to all of them. You can look up your directory count respondent information here:

Find My Directory Count Respondent Email Address(es)

2. District Directory Count Respondent Instructions:

Once you receive an email copy of this submission:

a) Update the Non-Public School Data Pipeline collection as soon as possible after October 1

School districts are mandated to report non-public schools to CDE in Data Pipeline by Friday, December 1

If you have any questions, reach out to:

Your Contact Information
The first name of the person at the non-public school who is filling out this form.
The last name of the person at the non-public school who is filling out this form.
The school email address of the person at the non-public school who is filling out this form.
Principal or Director Contact Information
NEW field. One email address only.
NEW field. One phone number only.
School Contact Information
School Details
Select the option that applies or select "None".
Pupil Count

Please provide the October 1, 2022 membership count by grade for your school. 

All counts listed below should include only those students enrolled in an educational program. 

If your school is ‘ungraded’ or has combined grades, please report students in grade based upon age.

Add the membership numbers for all grades, P-12, and put the total number here.

Check this box to request that your non-public school be assigned with a school code. You will then be contacted via email by CDE staff with your newly assigned non-public school code.