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Part 3 - Colorado Computer Information Network

24-90-301. Legislative declaration. The general assembly hereby declares that access to information is of utmost importance to the people of the state of Colorado; that people with better access to information have enhanced opportunities to improve the quality of their own lives, their children's lives, and the contributions they make to their communities and the state; and that access to on-line information accessed through libraries should be equal throughout the state, regardless of place of residence or economic status.

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24-90-302. Colorado virtual library - creation - components - access. (1) There is hereby created the Colorado virtual library, formerly known as the access Colorado library and information network (ACLIN), which shall be a part of the state library system under the charge of the state librarian pursuant to section 24-90-105 (2) (f). For purposes of this section, "library" shall mean the Colorado virtual library created in this subsection (1).

(2) The library shall provide electronic resources through libraries to all Colorado residents, to the students, faculty, and staff of institutions of higher education, and to the students and faculty of elementary and secondary schools wherever such persons obtain access to the internet, regardless of place of residence within Colorado or economic status.

(3) The library shall have the following components:

(a) A connection to the on-line catalogs of the holdings of Colorado libraries;

(b) A connection to locally produced databases;

(c) Digitized collections of Colorado resources;

(d) Indexes and full text database products selected in accordance with subsection (3.5) of this section to serve the needs of the people of the state;

(e) An interlibrary loan system facilitating resource sharing throughout Colorado; and

(f) Other services associated with providing computer-based library services.

(3.5) Subject to available appropriations, the state librarian shall procure through a competitive bid process on-line databases necessary to provide on behalf of all publicly-supported libraries the indexes and database products specified in paragraph (d) of subsection (3) of this section.

(4) Access to the Colorado virtual library by any person within the state shall be through the world wide web or successive technology.

(5) (a) The component parts of the Colorado virtual library described in subsection (3) of this section are affected with a public interest.

(b) Accordingly, in the administration of this part 3, the state librarian shall be guided by the principle that information generally provided by libraries, such as library catalogues and on-line resources, should be provided free to library users; however, said users may be subject to appropriate charges and fees for specialized services.

(c) Further, the state librarian shall be guided by the principle that direct competition between publicly funded agencies and private firms is to be avoided. Publicly funded agencies that are part of the library established under this part 3 are discouraged from selling at a profit information contributed to them by private firms.

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24-90-303. Computer information network fund - creation. (Repealed)

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This portion of Colorado Revised Statutes, reprinted with the permission of the committee on Legal Services in accordance with section 2-5-118, C.R.S. is an unofficial publication of Colorado Revised Statutes.


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