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Kindergarten School Readiness Data Collection

Data Collection

The kindergarten school readiness (KSR) data collection occurs in the fall of each academic year, typically early October through early December. This data collection collects aggregate data on all publicly funded kindergarten students, including students who are homeschooled, and attend school online and in charter schools.

The KSR data is formatted either by the district or by the vendor into the state board approved data collection format. The degree of involvement required by the district to aggregate this data into the data collection file layout varies by assessment tool.

The district data respondent submits the KSR data into the Data Pipeline by the close of the collection window. The results of this data collection are presented in the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K) Annual Legislative Report. For information on the current collection, visit the KSR data collection webpage.

Quick Check:

  1. Know who your district data respondent is and identify a process for the smooth transition of data.
  2. Know the data collection format provided in your assessment tool and determine with your data respondent if manual aggregation will be required.
  3. Data is reported during the KSR data collection window, typically early October through early December.