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Continuity of Learning and Transitions

Continuity of Learning

Connection and collaboration between programs and schools, leaders, teachers, and service providers aid in providing continuity of learning as a child enters kindergarten, 1st grade, and beyond. In school readiness, this collaboration supports kindergarten teachers in receiving students into kindergarten and sending students as they advance to first grade.

As one way to prepare schools ready to meet the needs of each student, leadership can partner with community early childhood services and provide the time, resources, and opportunities for teachers and other related service providers to collaborate in support of children and their families as they transition.

Opportunities to for kindergarten teachers to meet with preschool teachers regarding students they will be receiving and first grade teachers on students they will be sending to the next grade, provides collaborative opportunities to understand student growth and specific supports to meet the needs of each child year after year.

One method of supporting these conversations is by sharing individual learning plans as these plans document the growth and successes of each student, any unmet targets, and lay the groundwork for basing future goals on what historically has been successful for the child.

Quick Check:

  1. Individual learning plans documenting student growth over the year can drive transition conversations between teachers receiving and sending students.

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