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ICAP - Individual Career and Academic Plan - celebrated its 10th anniversary in Colorado as a way that students can have meaningful conversations to develop their pathways to their postsecondary futures. School districts in the Northeast BOCES have helped students figure out their postsecondary futures through Capstone Projects and badging programs. 


The Individual Career and Academic Plan provides students with an opportunity to have meaningful conversations on what their postsecondary life could be like. This kind of introspection and preparation is important because students who graduate and work in Colorado need in-demand skills that meet business, industry and higher education standards. Three out of four jobs in Colorado require education or training beyond high school. By increasing options for high school students and fostering expansion of successful high school models, the goal is that at least 66% of the Class of 2022 will be able to go on to earn a postsecondary credential, certificate or degree within five years.

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Shae Smith, counselor in the Otis School District, discusses the district's Capstone program.


Mike Bowers, superintendent of the Lone Start School District, discusses the district's badging program that provides students with a pathway to their postsecondary futures.

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