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Resources and Example of Presentations on PBIS to Staff

Example 1

Prior Activities: Staff Answered a survey of what the staff wanted the school to look like.

  • Warm Up: When staff comes in to meeting on time, provide a coupon for wearing jeans on a day other than the “casual dress” day.  When staff enters, also provide them praise for entering the meeting on time, or specific praise for something they have done well. 
  • Lesson Idea #1: Provide insight into what PBIS is and drivers of motivation, logistics of the roll-out of PBIS. 
  • Lesson Idea #2: Go over the PBIS foundational information in different ways throughout the year.  We could do a scavenger hunt where they had to answer a question on PBIS.  Provide a quote where staff needs to connect the quote to PBIS.  Focus on application and tying it to their jobs.

Ways to Measure Commitment: Have staff complete a Google Survey following the presentation to track staff buy-in.

Example 2

Click here for a comprehensive presentation provided to Olander Elementary School in Fort Collins, CO (Poudre School District)

Example 3

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation shell that can be modified to use when presenting PBIS to a school staff