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Free and Reduced-Price School Meals Outreach Toolkit

These templates and resources are to help sponsors that operate the National School Lunch Program promote the importance of applying for and the availability of free school meals.

*Private schools that charge a reduced-price fee will need to tailor language used in these templates as appropriate. It is important that reduced-price families know the cost of the co-pays for breakfast and lunch, $.30 and $.40 respectively.

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Print-ready and web materials

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Website and newsletter banners

Customize your webpage and newsletters by using the banners. Connect families to your school meal eligibility webpage.



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Denver Broncos Promotional Video

Download this video of the Denver Broncos promoting school meals and market your programs in your communities! 

Talking Points

What are free and reduced-price school meals?

The federal National School Lunch Program provides the ability for schools to offer meals at no cost or at a reduced-price. In Colorado, the co-pay for reduced-price eligible public-school students is covered by state funding. This allows those meals to be provided at no cost to students eligible for reduced-price meals.

How do I apply for free or reduced-price school meals?

Each school and district must provide paper free and reduced-price applications. Online applications may be available as well; families will need to contact their school or food service department for information on how to apply.

Why should I apply for free or reduced-price school meals?

Applying for school meals helps families and schools. Families can receive no or low-cost meals and discounted school fees, bus passes, utilities, etc. By applying for school meals, families are also helping their school and district receive additional school funding, qualify for grants and additional nutrition programs.

Is information provided in the application secure and confidential?

Yes, information provided during the application process is confidential and protected. All sponsors collecting and processing meal applications must follow strict guidelines for the release of student or meal eligibility information (including private student information and/or eligibility status).

Customizable Materials