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Application Process

Bullying Prevention and Education Grant Application Process


***The application window for the Bullying Prevention and Education Grant is now closed***


The following pages will guide you through the application process for the Bullying Prevention and Education Grant. It may be helpful to have the following pages accessible as you are completing the application. A table of contents is below that allows you to jump to a specific section with detailed information on how to complete that piece of the application. If you still have questions about part of the application, a webinar will be provided in the near future to help applicants complete each section of the application. 


Application Overview

There are several important points to keep in mind as you are completing the application:

  1. An Application Template Form (Doc) has been developed as an alternative to the traditional narrative format and can be found both as a standalone document and included in the RFP (Attachment A). Applicants may choose the best option for addressing the rubric. 
    1. This template may make completing the application more efficient since you will not be required to write in a narrative form with an introduction, transitions, etc. 
  2. Completion of Sections A-E in a narrative format cannot exceed 12 pages and completion of Sections A-E by using the Application Template Form cannot exceed 17 pages (note: the difference in page limit accommodates the 5 pages that the template uses).
  3. The signature page must include original signatures of the lead organization/fiscal agent


Table of Contents

Part I: Application Introduction

  1. Cover Page
  2. School Information and Signature Page
  3. Assurances Form
  4. Executive Summary 


Part II: Evaluation Narrative or Application Template Form

  1. Section A: Needs Assessment
  2. Section B: Program Description
  3. Section C: Policies and Practices
  4. Section D: Evaluation and Reporting
  5. Section E: Budget Narrative and Electronic Budget


Application Resources

There are several topics that, when addressed well in a grant application, may make a stronger application. Below is a list of resources that may help when completing the application.

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