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The Office of Approved Facility Schools is working to ensure all facility schools have access to a curriculum that is aligned to Colorado Academic Standards, encompasses all core content areas, and is appropriate for use in the facility school setting.  Currently, curriculum guides for grades K-12 in Reading, Writing and Communicating; Mathematics; and Science have been adopted.  The Office of Standards and Instructional Support has also worked with school districts across the state to develop sample curriculum for schools and districts to utilize in all content areas and grade levels. Facility schools are able to access and utilize the Colorado District Sample Curriculum Project resources for those content areas not yet adopted by the Office of Approved Facility Schools.

The following curriculum documents are intended to serve as guides for the scope and sequence of instruction in all Approved Facility Schools, beginning with the 2015-16 school year.  All documents are dated.  As schools access these documents, please ensure the most current versions are being utilized in schools.  Updated documents will be re-posted quarterly, or as necessary.  Schools will be notified of updates via email and the Facility Schools newsletter.

The curriculum guides include scope, sequence, student friendly learning objectives, level of thinking, and key academic vocabulary.  An “I” in the concept box indicates the concept is “Introduced” at that particular time.  A “C” means the “Continuation” of learning a specific concept or skill students are practicing.  An “M” will indicate when a concept or skill should be “Mastered”.  No adjustments to the scope and sequence will occur until the summer of 2016.

The Safety Net Standards are those concepts and skills identified as most essential for students, at each grade level, to master.  They are currently not organized in a sequential order or horizontally aligned by grade cluster.  Once this work is complete, revised versions will be posted and schools will be notified of the updates.

Enhancements to the curriculum guides will be ongoing.  If anyone has questions or comments regarding the documents, please contact Wendy Dunaway,


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