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Educator Preparation Program

Relay Graduate School of Education

Relay Teaching Residency (License only)

Those new to the teaching profession find Relay’s flagship MAT with a Teaching Residency program incredibly helpful. Not only will you learn from seasoned professionals as you complete your graduate degree coursework, but you will also earn a teaching certification and have an apprentice year where you will get hands-on classroom experience. This gradual on-ramp towards teaching and managing your classroom will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to excel as a teacher of record.

Participants will work full time in an aligned school-based position while gradually taking on more responsibilities under the guidance of a mentor teacher. At the end of their program, they will be eligible to apply for a Colorado teaching license.

Pathway Type:

Initial Licensure: Post-Baccalaureate

Course Format:



9-12 months

Region(s) Served:

Metro, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Pikes Peak, Southeast, Southwest, Statewide, West Central

Contact Information:

4130 Navajo Street, Room 223, Denver, CO 80211

Contact: Arik Shur, Managing Director of Partnerships,


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: Relay Graduate School of Education

Endorsement Area(s):

  • Early Childhood Education (ages 0-8) with CLD Endorsement
  • Elementary Education (K-6) with CLD Endorsement
  • English Language Arts (7-12) with CLD Endorsement
  • Mathematics (7-12) with CLD Endorsement
  • Middle School Mathematics (6-8) with CLD Endorsement
  • Science (7-12) with CLD Endorsement
  • Social Studies (7-12) with CLD Endorsement

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Pathway Reference ID: 67119