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Educator Preparation Program

Colorado State University

Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program

Year 1: Students focus on core university coursework and required credits.

YEAR 2: Students begin taking education courses in order to start building their foundational teaching practices and philosophies. All courses are designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences in PreK-Grade 3 classrooms and expose them to various teaching styles and populations of diverse students and English Language Learners.

YEAR 3: Students build on their foundations in education, specifically exploring different instructional methods to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom and concepts in teaching literacy and numeracy. These courses also include Field experience continues to be the foundation of the education courses.

YEAR 4: Students will learn how to align their curriculum with state standards and build understanding in how to utilize assessments to inspire student growth. The culminating experience of the program is a full-time student teaching experience with a mentor teacher. Students will graduate from the program with over 800 hours of in-class field experience and equipped to succeed.

Pathway Type:

Initial Licensure: Undergraduate

Course Format:

In Person


48 + months

Region(s) Served:

North Central

Contact Information:



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: Colorado State University

Endorsement Area(s):

  • Early Childhood Education (ages 0-8)

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