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Approved Training Providers for Evaluators

Credible, fair, and professional evaluations of licensed personnel depend on high-quality, effective training for evaluators that is consistent across the state.  As required by state law (C.R.S. 22-9-106) all performance evaluations for licensed personnel must be conducted by an individual who is currently licensed as a principal or administrator, or by an individual who has completed training in evaluation skills that is approved by the Colorado Department of Education.  As such, any person who conducts an evaluation of school licensed personnel must hold a principal or administrator license or complete a state approved evaluation training program and be certified as an evaluator designee.

Approved Training Providers (ATPs) offer training opportunities on the state model evaluation system and effective practices in educator evaluations.  ATPs provide training for individuals who currently do not hold a principal or administrator license and who would like to be approved/certified as an evaluator designee to conduct evaluations of licensed personnel in their district/BOCES. 

ATPs also provide support and professional learning opportunities for all evaluators, including those who do no hold a principal or administrator license, as part of ongoing capacity-building and professional development to elevate evaluation practices.

The following links provide contact information for current ATPs, as well as information for anyone interested in becoming an ATP, including information regarding opportunities or additional flexibilities and locally-based decisions regarding evaluation of licensed personnel.

For more information email or contact your Educator Effectiveness Regional Specialist.