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Information for Families

What is the Colorado Preschool Program?

  • A district-run, preschool program, intended to serve preschool-aged children in Colorado who may face learning challenges. 
  • CPP allows eligible children to go to high quality preschool for free. There is no fee for families that qualify.
  • Children are funded to attend preschool for a minimum of 10 hours per week during the school year.
  • Support services for families - Families are a big part of a child’s learning experience. CPP helps support that! Not only will a preschool program encourage your child and help them develop the needed knowledge and skills, but preschool can also support you in your role as a parent. 
  • To find out about CPP options in your community, click here to find the school district contact who can help you with enrollment.

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Why Preschool?

Schooling is an important part of life. The early years can be a strong base for your child to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a successful learner. CPP classrooms meet quality standards and have small class sizes to make a better learning environment for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible?

  • Child and family qualifying factors that affect overall learning readiness must be present in a child’s life in order for a child to be fit for CPP.
    These factors are determined by the legislature, and they are not based on income alone.

How Old Must Children Be?

  • The eligibility date for preschool is the same as the eligibility date for kindergarten in your district.
  • Most children in CPP attend preschool the year before they are eligible to attend kindergarten. If a child is old enough to attend kindergarten, they cannot be funded by CPP for a second year in preschool.
  • If a child is served as a 3 year old, the child must have three significant risk factors in their life that put him or her at risk for school failure. 
    There also may be some opportunities for extended day services.

How Do I Apply?

  • Click here to find the school district contact who can help you with enrollment.
  • School district councils determine eligibility and enrollment for CPP for their particular district.

If We Move, Will My Child Stay in CPP?

  • Since each school district manages its own program, your child’s spot in CPP cannot be transferred.
    • If you move to a new school district, you will need to go through the enrollment process again in the new district.Because resources are limited, availability for placement cannot be guaranteed when a family moves from district to district.

Not Sure of your School District?

If you are not sure in which school district you live, please contact a regional consultant for assistance click here to contact a regional consultant

Click here for more information on child care options, directories, and family links

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