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Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee (SEFAC)

House Bill 06-1375 established the Colorado Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee, by amending Article 20 of title 22, Colorado Revised Statutes. As specified in 22-20-114.5, the committee was appointed by the State Board of Education on September 14, 2006.

House Bill 06-1375; SECTION 8. Article 20 of title 22, Colorado Revised Statutes, is amended BY THE ADDITION OF A NEW SECTION to read:  22-20-114.5. Special education fiscal advisory committee - special education high-cost grants

House Bill 11-1277; SECTION 20. 22-20-114.5 (1) (b), (2) (a), (3) (a), (3) (a.5), and (3) (b) (II), Colorado Revised Statutes, are amended to read: 22-20-114.5. Special education fiscal advisory committee - special education high-cost grants - definitions - repeal.

High Cost Collection

  • Starts: Closed
  • Ends:  Closed
  • Notifications: Emailed to all Administrative Unit/BOCES Special Education Directors. General announcements are published in the CDE Scoop

High Cost Allocation Payments

  • High Cost Allocation payments are reviewed by the SEFAC Committee in April.  All approved applications are submitted to the State Board of Education by the April deadline
  • State Board of Education grants approval of the approved allocations at the May meeting. 
  • Email notifications are sent by the 12th of June.
  • Allocation Payments will be posted to the SEFAC website by the 12th of June.
  • All approved  High Cost allocation payments must be distributed by June 30.

Funding in a previous year does not guarantee funding in the current year.

High Cost Application under ECEA overview

Expenditure data reported on the applications should be audited expenditures for both In Administrative Unit (IAU) costs and Out of District (OOD) costs.  The thresholds for funding remain the same; each special education student submitted must exceed $25K for IAU costs and $40K for OOD.  Remember, only include costs directly attributable to this student, and contact us if you have questions regarding unique circumstances. 


  • Policy Approved by Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee (SEFAC):  If the Administrative Unit or BOCES has not completed their CDE Financial December Data Pipeline Submission (to the School Finance Division) by March 1, 2016 that administrative unit or BOCES will not be eligible for high cost funding.
  • Transportation Fuel/Maintenance Cost will be calculated using Federal rates per mile published annually.  For the 2014-15 reporting year the Federal mileage rate was 0.575¢ per mile. 
  • New this year: Applications will be submitted via encrypted USB drives, supplied by CDE - Email Kim Boylan at to request, provide address and attention to information.  Calculating FTE cost for staff by student has been changed to a formula that will calculate the cost based on information you enter in the application. 

SEFAC High Cost Student Reimbursement: Tips, Tools, Techniques, Links

 Submission for Collections Year 2014 - 2015 ; July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015:

-- Collection Completed 3/2/2016 --

  • IN Administrative Unit 202A - IAU High Cost Instructions, Closed 3/2/2016
  • IN Administrative Unit 202A - IAU High Cost Application, Closed 3/2/2016

Please print and read the instructions for the high cost collection
**Don't forget to ENABLE MACRO's  If you don't enable the macro's the Excel Sheets will not function properly.**

  • OUT of District 202B - OOD High Cost Instructions, Closed 3/2/2016
  • OUT of District 202B - OOD High Cost Application, Closed 3/2/2016

SEFAC Legislative Report: Due January 15, 20xx

Collection Year: 2013-2014, SEFAC Legislative Report December 2015 PDF 02/08/2016

Collection Year: 2012-2013, SEFAC Legislative Report December 2014 PDF 01/27/2015

Collection Year: 2011-2012, SEFAC Legislative Report December 2013 PDF 01/17/2014

Collection Year: 2010-2011, SEFAC Legislative Report November 2012 PDF 01/17/2013

Collection Year: 2009-2010SEFAC Legislative Report November 2011  PDF 01/28/2012

Collection Year: 2008-2009SEFAC Legislative Report November 2010   PDF 06/04/2011 (corrected)

Collection Year: 2007-2008, SEFAC Legislative Report November 2008 PDF 01/21/2011

Collection Year: 2006-2007, SEFAC Legislative Report November 2007 PDF 05/15/2009

Collection Year: 2005-2006, SEFAC Legislative Report November 2007 PDF 02/25/2008


SEFAC Annual Allocations Report: Due June 30, 20xx

Collection Year: 2013-2014 data, Allocation June, 2015

Collection Year: 2012-2013 data, Allocation June, 2014

Collection Year: 2011-2012 data, Allocation June, 2013

Collection Year: 2010-2011 data, Allocation June, 2012

Collection Year: 2009-2010 data, Allocation June, 2011

Collection Year: 2008-2009 data, (IAU & OOD forwward) Allocation June, 2010

Collection Year: 2007-2008 data (OOD only), Allocation June, 2009

Collection Year: 2006-2007 data (OOD only), Allocation June, 2008

Collection Year: 2005-2006 data (OOD only), Allocation June, 2007


Technical Assistance

Technical assistance will be available between normal business hours 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Judy Brown
Principal Consultant
Phone: (303) 378-2296

Kim Boylan
Project Support Specialist
Phone: 303-866-6690

Exceptional Student Services Unit
1560 Broadway, Suite 1175
Denver, CO 80202
Receptionist: (303) 866-6694

Barbara Goldsby
Director of Finance and Operations
Phone: 303-866-6695

Vicki Graham
Fiscal Supervisor
Phone: (303) 866-6442


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