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Orientation and Mobility (O and M)

Orientation and mobility services means, "services provided to students with visual impairment, including blindness by qualified personnel to enable those students to attain systematic orientation to and safe movement within their environments in school, home, and community; and includes teaching students."


Professional Development

2020 Orientation & Mobility Seminar

Friday, April 24 & Saturday, April 25, 2020


Mickey Damelio & Dr. Penny Rosenblum


This training is only open to Colorado O&M Specialists (licensed by CDE or in a university training program). 

More Information: 

View the 2020 O&M Seminar Flyer for more specific details. 

2020 O&M Seminar Flyer


Registration is capped at 65 participants. 

Register Now

*Registration will close when the training is capped or no later than February 25th, 2020*

Technical Assistance Documents


State and National Information and Resources

Colorado Licensing


National O&M Listserv

  • O&M Listserv
    • To Subscribe to the Listserv: Write to LISTSERV@LIST.MSU.EDU and in the text of your message (not the subject line), write SUBSCRIBE OANDM
    • To Leave the Listserv: Write to LISTSERV@LIST.MSU.EDU and in the text of your message write: SIGNOFF OANDM.


National Resources


For more information, please contact:

Tanni Anthony, Ph.D.
State Consultant on Visual Impairment
Email Tanni Anthony
Phone: (303) 866-6681

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