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Early Childhood Special Education Statewide Meetings

CDE Fall Early Childhood Special Education Meetings

Meetings occur in the Fall of each school year in several locations across the state, typically in from late September to early November. These collaborative opportunities are for early childhood leaders in the field who are special education administrators that oversee preschool special education, Child Find Coordinators, and Special Education Directors. Meetings are designed for adressing the needs of these leaders and attendance is limited to these roles.

Contact Marcia Blum for more information or past resources.

CDE Statewide Early Childhood Special Education Meeting

The statewide meeting is held in early spring of each year. Sessions are provided to promote the continuous improvement of inclusive preschool practices and the leadership capacity of preschool special education administrators, Child Find Coordinators, and other administrators who oversee the preschool special education process.

Save the Date! This year's state meeting will be held on February 29, 2024, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The meeting will kick off with an opening keynote on Disability and Dignity with Dr. Erin Barton, an international educational consultant and founder of Barton Consulting, LLC and Faculty for the Pyramid Model Consortium. Her primary line of inquiry focuses on identifying evidence-based behavioral interventions that teachers and parents can implement in authentic and inclusive settings. You can see more on inclusion, disability and acceptance at Barton Consulting. She will be presenting additional breakout sessions throughout the day. Other breakout sessions will include topics in assessment, multi-language learners with disabilities, partnering with families throughout the eligibility process.

Who should attend:

Early childhood leaders responsible for child identification and early childhood special education  are invited to attend. Leaders include:

  • Preschool Special Education Administrators
  • Child Find Coordinators
  • Special Education Directors
  • Other Leaders responsible for the implementation of programming and services for preschoolers with disabilities

More detailed information and link to register at the 2024 CDE Early Childhood Special Education State Meeting webpage

For more information, contact Marcia Blum.

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