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Digital Inclusion

Library Development at Colorado State Library supports efforts from Office of Future Work, Office of eHealth and Innovation, and other related state agencies in a two-prong approach:

  • To increase access to broadband and internet to Colorado libraries
  • To increase capacity of Colorado libraries in providing digital literacy instruction, platforms for learning digital skills, and other lifelong learning opportunities for adults

Consultants in Library Development, including Cristy Moran, Adult Library Services Senior Consultant, and Kieran Hixon, Rural and Small Libraries Consultant, are active participants in broadband expansion and digital literacy/ inclusion initiatives with state agencies and related partners through this planning and implementation phase of the Digital Equity Act. Library Development at Colorado State Library is in alignment with the following action item efforts:

  • Broadband affordability & availability
  • Accessibility of public resources & services
  • Affordability & availability of internet-enabled devices

Digital Equity Plan for Colorado

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