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Statewide Facility Assessment

When the BEST Act was enacted in 2008, the Public School Capital Construction Assistance Board was tasked with conducting a Financial Assistance Priority Assessment (referred to as the Statewide Facility Assessment) of all public school facilities in Colorado. The assessment took place in FY2009–2010. 

The Statewide Facility Assessment assessed 8,419 facilities throughout Colorado's 178 school districts. This included main buildings, leased buildings, temporary classroom facilities, mini-buildings, school sites, athletic fields, athletic facilities, and other support buildings. The Statewide Facility Assessment findings used the Public School Facility Construction Guidelines to determine health and safety issues, education technology requirements, site requirements, energy performance requirements, functionality or suitability issues, capacity requirements, accessibility issues, and historic significance considerations.

The Statewide Facility Assessment determined that there is currently over $13.9 billion in need throughout the state. By 2018, the amount of need is forecast to increase to over $17.8 billion. 

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