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Board Training Modules

The Schools of Choice Unit at the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has collaborated extensively with the Colorado League of Charter Schools (the League), the Colorado Charter School Institute, and the Colorado Association of Charter School Authorizers. This collaboration aimed to enhance the free, on-demand governing board training provided by CDE over the years. As a result of these efforts, the Charter School Board Training Modules are now available through the League's online Learning Management System (LMS), Freestone.


Freestone not only offers accessibility to the modules but also provides flexibility to add and adjust content as needs evolve. These on-demand modules focus on the most current and relevant training topics for charter school governing boards. Each module features informative recordings from experts in charter school governance and includes accompanying resource guides.

Please note that the Charter School Board Training Modules on our original online platform, eNet, are now considered obsolete. We urge you to transition to Freestone for the latest module updates and completion. For detailed guidance and additional information, kindly consult the updated guidance and one-pager below.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to advancing charter school governance.