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B. EDU-132 (or EDAE-620) - Planning and Delivering Instruction to Adult Learners

Course Description

This three credit hour course provides an introduction to planning and delivering instruction to adult learners with an emphasis on developing the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers and improving the skills of learners whose skills are below 12th grade equivalency. Key areas include identification of learners’ skills, needs and goals; the use of information about learners to plan instruction and assessment; the development of learners independence; the creation of an instructional environment that supports and engages adult learners.


2.01 - Prepare written outcomes-based instructional plans that incorporate Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels and align with the curriculum and learners’ goals.
2.02 - Demonstrate the contextualization of ESL, ABE or ASE instruction to address adult learners’ personal, educational, and career goals.
2.03 - Create an instructional environment that supports the development of metacognition.
2.04 - Utilize a variety of learner grouping strategies that address learning objectives.
2.05 - Explain the purpose and use of formative and summative assessments. Identify specific standardized ABE, ASE and/or adult ESL assessments and describe their uses.
2.06 - Explains the instructor’s role in connecting adult learners to local resources that support them in achieving their personal, educational and career goals.
2.07 - Relate to instruction research and evidence-based practices that sustain motivation and promote persistence.
2.08 - Describe the process of providing accommodations for disabilities during instruction and assessment.
2.09 - Evaluate professional development options and resources for adult educators and develop a personal professional development plan.
2.10 - Develop and document a profile for adult learners to inform instruction using information such as background, standardized assessments results, prior knowledge, learning preferences, and educational and career goals.
2.11 - Describe and implement a process to support ABE, ASE and/or ESL learners in identifying, documenting, monitoring and revising personal, educational and career goals.
2.12 - Describe and implement a process to help adult learners understand and independently monitor academic performance and progress.