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A. EDU-131 (or EDAE-520) - Introduction to Adult Education

Course Description

This three credit hour course provides an introduction to adult education with an emphasis on providing instruction to adult learners developing their ability to listen, speak, read, and write in English and learners with skills below 12th grade equivalency. Key areas include adult education theories, principles, methods and techniques; adult education legislation, initiatives and movements; adult basic education services and service providers; understanding the adult learner; metacognition; the instructional environment; and professional development for adult educators.


1.01 - Apply current research related to adult learning and development to delivering instruction to adult English language learners and adults with skills below 12th grade equivalency.
1.02 - Summarize applicable federal and state adult education legislation, USDOE initiatives, and movements in adult education.
1.03 - Discriminate between the types of education services available to adult English language learners and adults with skills below 12th grade equivalency.
1.04 - Compare and contrast adult and child learning theories to identify research and evidence based instructional methods and techniques appropriate for adult learners.
1.05 - Explain how adult learners’ life experiences and circumstances can affect their participation in adult education.
1.06 - Evaluate the influence of family, culture and community on adult learners’ expectations and learning and use this information to deliver culturally responsive instruction.
1.07 - Analyze the connection of helping adult learners set and monitor goals to persistence and motivation.
1.08 - Explain the metacognitive process and analyzes strategies for developing metacognition in adult learners.
1.09 - Distinguish the elements of an instructional environment and climate that engage adult learners and promote purposeful learning.
1.10 - Describe local resources and support systems to minimize barriers in achieving educational and career goals for adult learners with special needs, e.g. adults with disabilities, skills at or below 3rd grade equivalency, immigrants and refugees at Student Performance Levels (SPLs) 0-2.
1.11 - Evaluate professional development options and resources for adult educators and develop a personal professional development plan.