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IV. Assessment

Per the Assessment Policy, all NRS approved assessments administered to learners must be reported in LACES no later than 2 weeks after test administration. This includes all pre- and post-tests, assessments that are administered on an incorrect form, assessments administered prior to the vendor recommended minimum instructional hours, and assessments resulting in out-of-range scores. 

See the Assessment Policy (PDF) and Assessment Policy FAQ for additional information on NRS approved assessments, alternating tests forms, early post-testing, and out-of-range scores. 

Instructions for adding assessments into LACES are included on page 32 of the Beginner LACES User Manual. Required data elements for an assessment include:

  • Test Name
  • Test Series (if applicable)
  • Test Form (if applicable)
  • Scale Score
  • Date Completed

Additional information related to specific assessment topics is provided in this section, including: guidance on pre-testing and entry EFL; pushing forward assessments; post-testing and EFL gain; and performance accountability targets.

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