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3. Close-Out


The various AEFLA close-out procedures as well as the timeline for close-out have been captured in the Close-Out Procedures Timeline Template (DOC).

Asset Inventory

At the end of the grant cycle (or sooner if the grantee does not continue with the grant for the full cycle), all grantees who received AEFLA funds are required to turn in an inventory of equipment and supplies. Grantees only need to send in an inventory of supplies if the total exceeds $5,000. All equipment must be itemized and inventoried. When determining what to submit to the Office of Adult Education Initiatives (AEI), only include supplies purchased by the AEFLA grant that are unused and/or current. When listing the value of supplies and equipment, list the fair market value the day of inventory (not the value when the item was purchased).

Grantees who are not receiving AEFLA funding in the next program year may keep up to $5,000 of supplies and must create a distribution plan for the rest, making a reasonable effort to transfer equipment and supplies to other programs. Grantess may choose to keep equipment with a current, per unit fair market value of $5,000 or less for continued programming and activities. Priority for distribution must be given to currently AEFLA funded programs. Items being redistributed to programs should only be redistributed if they are current and useable.

After a reasonable effort has been made to redistribute items, as determined by AEI, the program may choose an alternative option for distributing items purchased with AEFLA funds. The distribution method must be approved by AEI and CDE’s Grants Fiscal.

Equipment items must be itemized. Supplies do not need to be itemized.

The cost to distribute items needs to be determined at the local level. With approval from AEI, a program may charge costs to the AEFLA grant to send or receive items as long as distribution takes place prior to the start of a new fiscal year (July 1st). Programs need to contact their AEI Program Coordinator before distribution; see the Program Information Updates process.

All content must be erased from any devices with memory/storage (ipads, laptops, phones, thumb drives, etc.)  prior to distribution to ensure no personally identifiable information (PII) is transferred. By signing the Close-Out Asset Inventory Template (DOC) form, the program director is assuring these steps have been followed, and devices are appropriately erased. Steps to erase different types of devices are listed below.

If the program already has an inventory list with the fields indicated in the AEI Close-Out Asset Inventory Template, it is not necessary to re-create the inventory in the AEI form. However, the submitted list may only contain the fields present in the AEI Close-out Asset Inventory form

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