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English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA)

Re-enacted English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA)

On May 21, 2014, Colorado’s Governor signed HB14-1298 that repealed and re-enacted with amendments to the English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA). The re-enacted ELPA provides funding for Colorado districts with English Learners (ELs).

There is a substantial number of students in Colorado who are English learners; per ELPA, Local education providers or local education agencies (LEAs), must provide evidence-based English language proficiency, or English language development (ELD) programs for English learners to enable them to develop and acquire English language proficiency while achieving and maintaining grade-level performance in academic content areas. To improve the educational and career opportunities for every student in Colorado, the state must ensure support of LEAs to establish evidence-based English language development programs. The state and LEAs must enhance all educators' effectiveness in supporting English language development and in enabling English learners to achieve and maintain grade-level performance in academic content areas. Finally, the state must develop the educational approach and goals of LEAs to help ensure that English learners are postsecondary and workforce ready at graduation.

Program Description

  • ELPA supports the requirement to provide an evidence-based ELD program for all English learners
  • ELPA provides funding based on identified English learners in evidence-based ELD programs for up to a total of five budget years, including prior years of funding

Allocation Information

View 2019-2020 ELPA Allocations

The ELPA program is funded annually on a per pupil basis. The following programs are eligible for funding under ELPA:

  • Bilingual Education Programs
  • ESL Programs
  • Other methods of achieving the English language proficiency

ELPA Reports

The ELPA Report on the Data Pipeline includes the following information: district code, school code and name, student number, grade level, language background code and name, ESL/Bilingual, language proficiency (NEP, LEP, FEP M1, FEP M2), the number of years in the ELPA program, and ELPA funding eligibility.

To access the ELPA Report, go to: Data Pipeline - Cognos Reports - Student October Count - ELPA Report. ELPA allocations are based on the Student October counts from the previous year. For example, the 17-18 report informs the 18-19 funding. Users will need the OCT LEAUSER or LEAAPPROVE role assigned to their account. In order to view the district totals and filter by any category, the reports are best viewed as Microsoft Excel files downloaded to your computer.

ELPA Resources

2000-2010 Report