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Grant Submittal Requirements

Each grant application should include backup documentation of appropriate due diligence to identify the deficiencies and arrive at the solutions identified within the application. Below is a list of typical project scopes and common associated due diligence items expected.

New school, major renovation and/or addition projects

  • Facilities master plan (if completed)
  • Engineering reports or assessments of existing facility (as relevant)
  • Drawings or diagrams of proposed project
  • Detailed schedule
  • Space requirements, program plan, and/or ed specs
  • Detailed cost estimate prepared by a general contractor familiar with identified scope

Roof projects

Mechanical projects (HVAC, Boiler, Indoor Air Quality, Plumbing)

  • Indoor air quality reports (if applicable)
  • Engineering reports or assessments
  • Minimum of 2 current quotes, 3 preferred

Security or Safety

Technology Projects

  • School or district technology plan
  • Hardware/device list with quantities, locations, and program purpose
  • Minimum of 2 current quotes, 3 preferred

Career and Technical Education Projects

  • Equipment list with quantities, locations, and program purpose; including required safety equipment
  • CTE program plan, including key targeted industries and instructional space requirements
  • Verification necessary infrastructure exists to support equipment additions, or inclusion of infrastructure in scope
  • Minimum of 2 current quotes, 3 preferred

Minor renovations, remodels, and all other types of projects

  • Scopes and estimates
  • Minimum of 2 current quotes, 3 preferred

When applicable

  • Engineering reports
  • Plans or specifications of proposed project if plan changes are included in scope
  • Current professional cost estimates
  • Facility Assessments (other than the CDE Assessment)
  • Non-compliance letter(s) from authority having jurisdiction, or letters of support addressed to the CCAB
  • Any other supporting documentation deemed relevant by the applicant