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Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS)

Read a 2-page Fact Sheet about the EARSS grant program, including examples of programs and strategies, common behaviors that put students at risk of being expelled and suspended, and results achieved by grantees.

Program Purpose

The EARSS program is authorized by Colorado Revised Statute 22-33-205 to fund competitive grant proposals for which the purposes are to provide education services and support services to expelled students, students at risk of being expelled, or students at risk of being declared, or already are, habitually truant.

The program exists to assist school districts in meeting their statutory obligations to:

  1. Identify students at risk of suspension or expulsion and provide them with a plan to provide the necessary support services to help them avoid expulsion, and work with parents or guardians to provide the services. The district may provide services through agreements with appropriate local and state governmental agencies, community-based organizations, and institutions of higher education.
  2. Provide alternative educational services, agreed to by parents, to expelled students which may be provided directly or in cooperation with one or more other school districts, boards of cooperative services, charter schools, and non public, non-parochial schools, and
  3. Develop plans to assist habitual truants to remain in school and to work with families regarding their child’s attendance.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) for Fiscal Year 2015

(2014-2015 School Year through 2017-2018 School Year)

Please click here for a link to the RFP Page.

The department seeks new grant proposals for 4-year grants to conclude June 30, 2018. Proposals are due Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Eligible applicants are school districts, alternative schools within school districts, charter schools, non-public non-parochial schools, boards of cooperative services, and facility schools. Applicants must conform to Colorado Revised Statute sections cross-referenced in Title 22, Article 33, Part 2, Expulsion Prevention Programs.

Program Contact(s)

Janelle Krueger
Phone: 303-866-6750

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