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K-12 Student Achievement Resources

Prepared by the Staff of the Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL)

Revised April 2024

The State of Colorado is concerned with student achievement in Grades K-12. Many print and electronic publications, and Internet resources of the Colorado Department of Education support that effort for educators and parents. Listed below are selected resources from CDE and other agencies that can be accessed online, as well as print titles that are available on loan from the Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL).

Selected Internet Sites:

Selected Print and Electronic Publications:

To borrow any of these print publications, contact the Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL), 180 Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80226-8101; 303/866-6603. Hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Publications may also be available at depository libraries that carry state government documents, or through interlibrary loan. For further information, visit CoSPL Online.

For additional information, E-Mail: