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LEA / BOCES Information

LEA and BOCES Monitoring Plan

The U.S. Department of Education has approved Colorado’s Race to the Top monitoring plan and CDE has sent information to all participating RTTT LEAs and BOCES.

In order to decrease the burden on LEAs and BOCES, CDE is asking for annual or semi-annual progress updates only. Whether LEAs and BOCES are asked to submit a progress update annually or semi-annually is based on the amount of money received and their accreditation status (for BOCES the accreditation status of the districts collaborating under the BOCES was taken into account. For details on filling out the progress update and other parts of the SOW document, please see the Grant Management Manual (under More Resources)

LEA Request for Funds Process

LEAs participating in Colorado's RTT grant may request funds on a reimbursement basis using the Request for Funds form, which is sent via email to the RTT contact at the beginning of the fiscal year (July). If your district has not received an RFF, please contact Angela Landrum at or 303-866-6931.

RFFs are processed on the 10th of every month so districts must submit these forms to the Grants Fiscal unit by that date each month. The email address for submitting RFFs is

Questions pertaining to filling out the RFF form please contact:

Grants Fiscal:

Tim Kahle 303-866-6034
Robert Hawkins 303-866-6775

Questions pertaining to RTTT, scopes of work, budgets, and award letters please contact:

Angela Landrum at or 303-866-6931.