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Ninth Grade Success Grant

The goal of the Ninth Grade Success Grant is to increase the number of 9th grade students with the skills they need to successfully reach 10th grade on-track and on-time. Students who reach 10th grade on-track and on-time are more likely to persist and graduate high school with their peers.   

All grantees are working to implement key components of a Ninth-grade success program that include: 

  • Ninth Grade Success Team: Creating a cross-disciplinary success team of ninth grade teachers and support staff that meets regularly to identify and implement individual and group strategies to support ninth grade students. 

  • Data System: Implementing a data system that provides real-time access to data concerning a student’s behavior, attendance, and grades and can be disaggregated. 

  • Instructional Support: Providing instructional support for ninth grade students including attendance support, content-specific academic interventions, tutoring, course-completion programs, social-emotional learning, and trauma-informed instruction; 

  • Transition Programs: Based on data for incoming students, implement transition programs and support for school staff to better support 9th grade students. 


Colorado’s Ninth Grade Success Grant Program, created in SB19-246, was signed into law in May 2019.  Grantees apply for four years of implementation funding and commit to matching 25% or 15% of grant funds depending on the district size. The Office of Dropout Prevention and Student Re-engagement (DPSR) at the Colorado Department is responsible for managing the Ninth Grade Success Grant Program. 


CDE had the first cohort of grantees with a 2019-2024 implementation period.



  • The Ninth Grade Success Grant is built off of research from the consortium for Chicago School Research.

Items for grantees


Reporting Materials for Use by Local Grantees

Budget Revision

  • Grantees can submit budget revisions at any time. Grantees should start with the latest budget.
  • Make any revisions and comments and return to Tricia (
    • In the Notes tab, please make sure to include how the proposed changes are aligned with the approved performance objectives for your program.
  • We will review the revision and let you know if we have any questions.
  • Once approved, Grants Fiscal will send the approved budget back to you.