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Colorado's P- 3 Leadership Cadre

Colorado's P-3 Leadership Cadre

Traditionally education and care for young children has been thought of as a birth – age five then K – 12 experience.  Support for families and children was provided through a focus on a smooth transition to kindergarten.  However, there is a strong research base in the importance of the learning and growth opportunities for young children prior to kindergarten.  There is also a growing awareness of the importance of a coherent, aligned system of support for families and children in order to ensure school readiness and promote school success.  Taken together a “P – 3”, or preschool through grade three, approach to early learning is taking hold nationally. 


About the Cadre

In an effort to advance statewide learning of P – 3 approaches to leading elementary schools, the Teaching and Learning Unit at CDE has initiated a P – 3 School Leadership Cadre which involves small school leadership teams (i.e., principal, preschool and K – 3 teacher leaders, instructional coaches, etc.) from across the state in a professional learning community.  This learning community was co-created between participating school leadership teams and CDE with the intention to (1) learn from one another about efforts to create a P – 3 system in schools, (2) learn from state and national experts about effective P – 3 models, (3) work to co-develop a P – 3 leadership model for the state, and (4) establish demonstration sites for the state.  A primary guide for the cadre will be Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities: Competencies for Effective Principal Practice,, a recent publication of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).  In partnership with the Colorado Association of Elementary School Principals, CDE serves in the role of convener, co-creator, and co-learner in the cadre. 

More information about the P-3 Cadre in Colorado  as well as accomplishments and lessons learned can be found the P-3 Cadre Report.

Cadre Profiles

Learn more about the goals, next steps and lessons learned from the P-3 Cadre members in the following school and district profiles.  

Sharing Colorado's P-3 Stories 

School and district leaders across the state are invited to share stories and collaborate on practices, policies, perceptions, challenges, opportunities and successes related to P-3 work. Create and share your own story and connect with others on the impact of your P-3 work.

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