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Medication Administration

Rules & Guidelines

Medication Administration Training (MAT)

Follow these steps for Medication Administration Training and delegation by school nurse:

  1. The school nurse registers on the Healthy Child Care Colorado website to access Medication Administration Training course materials.
    • The school nurse must register to access the materials.  Use the blue "Apply" button to apply to join the CCHC Center.
    • After access granted, the school nurse can log in to access the facilitator guide, materials, forms, and resources.
    • The school nurse reviews the training and uses the resources for training and delegation of Unlicensed Administrative Personnel (UAP).
  2. The UAP takes the MAT course either in person or online (at school nurse's discretion) and prints certificate.
    • School Staff Online Course Access Information on COTrain (exiting CDE)
    • Preschool & Child Care Staff Online Course Access on PDIS (exiting CDE)
    • For in person training, the school nurse uses materials accessed through the Healthy Child Care Colorado CCHC Center.
  3. The school nurse verifies competency of the UAP to administer medication and the school nurse delegates the task of medication administration.

Position Statements

Emergency Care

Nursing Procedures and Delegation

Standard Precautions Course

This course covers the use of standard precautions.  It focuses on child care learning settings, but personnel working in school settings will also find this course relevant.  It addresses standard precautions, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and the role of immunizations for children and care providers.

Asthma Course for UAPs

Asthma Training for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) - Applying Best Practice Asthma Care in Schools: A Standardized Statewide Approach

This course has been discontinued as of June 2024.  The Medication Administration Training for Schools & Childcare (MAT course) includes an asthma module for UAPs with similar content that can be taken with the full course or as a stand-alone module.  UAPs are encouraged to work with your school nurse to receive the training they recommend.

Also see information about our Asthma Training for School Nurses on the Professional Development Page

Food Allergy Training

Epilepsy/ Seizure Training