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Challenging Horizons Program – After-School Version (CHP-After School)

About This Resource

Challenging Horizons Program – After School (CHP-After School) is an after-school intervention (located at the school attended by participating students) for young adolescents with ADHD, which aims to improve their academic and social functioning through a relationship with an assigned Personal Counselor, or PC. The PC’s role is to develop a therapeutic relationship with each assigned student and to coordinate CHP interventions that help these students develop, practice, and generalize academic and social skills. Eligible participants are male and female middle school students (6th to 8th grade) who have a prior diagnosis of ADHD or exhibit at least four of nine symptoms of ADHD, according to the criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Crime Solutions from National Institute of Justice Registry

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Who This Resource Is For


  • Academic Support
  • Support Tier: 

  • Not Specified / Any
  • Age Range: 

  • Middle
  • Language: 

  • English
  • Ethnicity: 

  • African American/Black
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • White
  • Other
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  • Rural
  • Suburban
  • Urban