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District Early Literacy Instructional Program Review

Detailed information on the District Early Literacy Instructional Program Review 


The District Early Literacy Instructional Program Review is an opportunity for district leaders and staff to use the CDE literacy instructional program review process to review their current K-3 literacy instructional programs (core, supplemental, and/or intervention). This process will assist participants in determining program alignment with scientifically and evidence-based reading research and instruction. As part of this support, a CDE literacy consultant will guide participants through the process of evaluating an instructional program using the 2020 CDE Literacy Instructional Program Rubric(s).

Support is focused on building participant capacity to determine alignment of instructional programs with scientifically based reading research and evidence-based instructional practices. Participants learn how to use CDE-provided tools to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of a given program and gain a deeper understanding of effective early literacy instructional design and factors to consider when selecting an early literacy instructional program.

Program Contact Information

Tammy Yetter
READ Act Implementation Project Manager, Preschool through 3rd Grade Office
(720) 955-8055 |