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Margaret Scott

Program Description

This training focuses on the role of the instructional leader in bringing about desirable changes in instructional effectiveness toward student success through the use of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System. Training is conducted in Modules and can be adapted to the needs of the participants. Each module requires approximately six hours.

Topics include:

  • Module 1-The Colorado State Model Evaluation System
    • The nine-step/four-connection process
    • The rubric
    • The law/statutory requirements
    • Inter-rater agreement
  • Module 2-Measures of Student Learning
    • Requirements
    • Flexibility
    • Inter-rater agreement
  • Module 3-Practical aspects
    • Observation techniques
    • Coaching and feedback skills
    • Collecting data/evidence
    • Aligning supervision and evaluation to the state standards for teaching as defined by the Colorado Department of Education
    • Adapting supervision to the needs of the teacher/instructional staff member
    • Technical and human resource skills needed to effectively supervise and evaluate teachers and other instructional staff
    • Linking supervision and evaluation to professional development
    • The role of supervision as it relates to curriculum development, teaching and learning styles, student performance and assessment
    • Having effective conversations with teachers/instructional staff about instruction
    • Effective instruction
    • Inter-rater agreement

I am available to provide training to individuals, schools, districts, and BOCES in southern and eastern Colorado and the Pikes Peak region.  


  • Pikes Peak
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

Type of Provider

Individual Consultant

Main Contact

Margaret Scott


139 Merrimac St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905