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Assurances for Written Evaluation Systems

The assurances for written evaluation systems are intended to ensure that school districts and BOCES across Colorado implement written evaluation systems that are aligned with Senate Bill 10-191 and the State Board Rules for the Evaluation of Licensed Personnel. CDE successfully collected assurances from all districts indicating how licensed personnel in their district or BOCES are evaluated.

Assurance Process for 2017

Each year, by July 1st, Colorado districts and BOCES are required to submit assurances that they are implementing the State Model Evaluation System or another evaluation system that is aligned with Senate Bill 10-191 and State Board Rules.More specifically, assurances include:

  • Which evaluation system is being used to evaluate each category of licensed personnel employed by the district/BOCES
  • Assurance that the district/BOCES is meeting all the requirements outlined in sections 5.01 (Principals and Teachers), and 4.04 (Specialized Service Professionals) of the State Board Rules for Written Evaluation Systems
  • The exact website address where district/BOCES evaluation information may be found
  • Signatures of the Superintendent/BOCES Executive Director AND the School Board President/BOCES Board Chairperson

In an effort to reduce the burden on districts and BOCES the assurances will be collected again this year using an online form via Wufoo. Please note there are two significant changes to this year’s assurances process: 

  1. It is now a one-step submission where the completed signature page is uploaded within the form. 
  2. For this submission only, you must provide TWO years of assurances:  
  • Information about the current 2016-17 school year AND
  • Information about the upcoming 2017-18 school year

In the future, we will only collect data regarding the upcoming school year. This is the transition year. The change is necessary to allow CDE educator effectiveness staff to provide more meaningful and timely support to districts.

The Superintendent/BOCES Executive Director

  • Collects all information necessary to complete the assurances BEFORE opening the web form. This includes a signed signature page containing required signatures from both the Superintendent/BOCES Executive Director and Board President/BOCES Board Chairperson. Electronic signatures are acceptable. If you print the form to obtain the signatures, please remember to scan it so you can upload it.
  • Completes web form online 
  • Receives a copy of everything submitted via email and archives it
  • Completes the process no later than Friday, June 30th

Assurances Resources 

Please contact Tricia Majors (303)866-6678 if you have any questions or need any assistance about assurances.




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