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Senate Bill 22-070 Legislative Overview

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Passed in 2022, Senate Bill 22-070, the Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluations Act, updates and refines educator evaluation in Colorado. Implementation of this statute will occur in the 2023-24 school year.     

The following is offered as a general overview and includes opportunities for educators to participate in a variety of stakeholder activities in the rulemaking and implementation process. Specifically, Senate Bill 22-070 directs the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to develop and provide guidance and support for the following areas:

  • Update the composition of final effectiveness ratings (FERs)
    • Shift the FER percentages from 50% professional practices and 50% measures of student learning/outcomes (MSL/MSO) to 70% professional practices and 30% MSL/MSO.
  • Refine/update aspects of the MSL/MSO portion of an educator’s final effectiveness rating, including:
    • Collective measure(s) within the MSLs/MSOs cannot exceed 10%.
    • Collective measure(s) within the MSLs for teachers and principals can only use data based on the performance of students enrolled at their school.
    • Any educator who is new to a district/BOCES cannot have data from before they were employed used in the collective measure(s) of their MSL/MSO.
  • Develop and make available an evaluation pathway and process for educators rated Highly Effective for three consecutive school years
  • Develop and make available new rubrics for licensed personnel in a limited number of specialized teacher or principal roles
  • Develop and require training for evaluators of licensed personnel – training to be provided or approved by CDE
  • Adjust the timing for reporting of final effectiveness ratings (FERs)
    • Requires that all FER data is reported to CDE annually by October 15th, i.e., FER data will no longer be collected within the HR data collection.

NOTE: There are additional areas addressed within S.B.22-070 that already exist within current statute and State Board Rule, e.g., encouraging districts/BOCES to work with their Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338 Council) and experiment with innovative methods of observation. In forthcoming guidance, the Educator Effectiveness Office will reinforce opportunities and encouragement for local decision making and flexibility.

For the 2023-24 school year

  • S.B.22-070 directs the following be implemented:
    • Update to the composition of final effectiveness ratings (FERs) from 50:50 to 70:30, professional practices and MSL/MSO respectively
    • Refinements/updates to MSLs/MSOs
    • Development of a Highly Effective evaluation pathway
    • Development of new rubrics for specific educator roles
    • Development of required training for evaluators
    • Adjustment to timing for reporting of FERs


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