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Evaluation System Review

Background and Purpose

In 2010, the Colorado General Assembly adopted S.B. 10-191, a comprehensive overhaul of the state’s educator evaluation system and processes.  The new act put in place annual evaluations for all licensed personnel.  The act and accompanying rules provided standards and criteria for quality educator evaluation systems that local district evaluation systems must meet or exceed.  Full implementation of the new educator evaluation systems began in the 2013-14 school year.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is responsible for providing support to districts in implementing quality evaluation systems that meet the requirements of the law. This support includes providing a model educator evaluation system that districts can adopt, providing training and technical assistance, and making available a range of resources and tools for district use.

In addition, the department is required to monitor on an ongoing basis districts’ adherence to the requirements of educator evaluation systems as outlined in law and rules. Section 6.04 (D) of the Rules for the Administration of a Statewide System to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Licensed Personnel Employed by School Districts and BOCES (1 CCR 301-87) provides authority for CDE to monitor and review  districts’ educator evaluation systems, including  those using the State Model Educator Evaluation System and those using locally-developed systems. 

In 2013, the legislature adopted H.B. 13-1257 which further codified the support and monitoring functions of the department, including the responsibility to respond to requests for review of local educator evaluation systems. The statute provides an avenue for interested parties who are affected by the evaluation system to submit requests to the department to review a district’s locally-developed educator evaluation system for adherence to the law.  

In alignment with H.B. 13-1257, the document below outlines the process for parties to request a review of a district’s educator evaluation system. The aim of this process is to be responsive to valid concerns that may be raised by interested parties who are affected by the local evaluation system and to support districts in improving the quality of their educator evaluation systems.

Request a Review of an Educator Evaluation System

Please complete these steps:

  1. Complete the Request for Review Form
  2. Attach supporting documentation
  3. Email the request for review form and documentation to 
    Mail to Educator Talent, 201 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203

For more information on reviewing evaluation systems, please email