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Educator Effectiveness Practitioner Implementation Council

Educator Effectiveness Practitioner Implementation Council (EEPIC)

The Educator Effectiveness (EE) Office created the Educator Effectiveness Practitioner Council (EPIC) to solicit and engage direct input from EE practitioners across Colorado.

Vision and Purpose

EPIC is built on the premise that the primary purpose of educator effectiveness is to promote and support the professional growth and development of educators through quality feedback.  While there have been multiple opportunities over past years for stakeholder involvement in educator effectiveness at CDE, EPIC is charting a distinct course from former advisory groups and building upon the valuable lessons learned as well as demonstrated successes from past groups.

Members selected to be a part of EPIC, in active partnership and collaboration with the EE Team at CDE, are exploring and affirming quality implementation of educator effectiveness in Colorado.  This includes a focus on expanding our collective understanding of practitioners' needs related to educator evaluations.  Specifically, EPIC is:

  • Serving as an advisory body to CDE's Educator Effectiveness Office and providing input/insights into the process of evaluating educators within the systems of educator effectiveness in Colorado.
  • Identifying and deepening understanding of practitioner needs (e.g., professional learning, resources and supports, among other things) to bolster and enhance educator evaluation practices.
  • Providing input specific to practitioners' point-of-view and experiences related to the implementation of existing and emerging/new educator effectiveness policy and guidance.
  • Exploring and deepening understanding of trends related to educator effectiveness and potential impacts on Colorado practitioners and educators.
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement to implementation of current educator effectiveness process and systems.
  • Providing a forum for new/emerging ideas related to implementation of educator effectiveness in Colorado.

Although EPIC engages in a dynamic exchange of ideas/insights representing multiple perspectives and experiences, EPIC does not work to influence state statute or State Board rule related to educator effectiveness.  That is, EPIC is not a forum for policy planning and development.

The Council

The Educator Effectiveness Practitioner Implementation Council (EPIC) includes representation from across the state (including rural, suburban, and urban communities), as well as different practitioner roles related to educator effectiveness. The council was established with a commitment and focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, and welcomes applications from all practitioners of educator effectiveness in Colorado. Specifically, EPIC seeks applicants who possess the following qualities:

  • A strong interest and commitment to engaging in systems-level, collaborative work and relationships.
  • A demonstrated understanding of the realities of educator effectiveness and evaluation in a school/district/BOCES setting.
  • A deep understanding of educator evaluation processes, systems and structures - inclusive of professional practices' quality standards and measures of student learning/outcomes - based on work in educator effectiveness.
  • A solid network with other practitioners from which opportunities exist to gather insights/input, as well as disseminate EE-related information and updates.
  • A unique perspective that contributes to a diverse EPIC membership, coupled with an openness to listen and understand differing perspectives.
  • The time and capacity to engage as an active participant and partner.

The first council meeting took place in January 2022. Current council members have informed the scheduling of future meetings to maximize opportunities for principals and evaluators to participate, while addressing barriers to participation as much as possible. Council meetings take place quarterly and are a mix of in-person and online, Council members include:

Dr. Deanne Kirby
Director of Educator Effectiveness
Douglas County School District

Jamie Davis
Director of Human Resources
Cañon City Schools

Jim Farmer
Director of Human Resources
Delta County School District

Larry Irvin
Assistant Principal, Vista Peak Preparatory
Aurora Public Schools

Kendall Reiley
Assistant Principal, ECE-4
Roaring Fork School District

Michelle Patterson
Director of Special Education, birth to 21 years
Northeast BOCES

Tammy Neal
Executive Director of Human Resources-Certified Staff
Pueblo School District 60

Tanya Nash
Director of Educator Effectiveness
Colorado Springs School District 11

Sarah Seaman
Math Teacher, Math Department Chair
DSST: Conservatory Green High School

Recruitment efforts are ongoing, with an emphasis on educator effectiveness practitioners serving as principals and evaluators (both elementary and secondary). 

Application to Join EPIC

A printable flyer detailing the council's vision and purpose, member expectations and the application process is available here

If you are an educator effectiveness practitioner and the above describes an opportunity you would like to be a part of as well as qualities you would bring to this council, click here to apply. While all interested practitioners are encouraged to apply, specific focus and priority will be afforded to principals and evaluators (both secondary and elementary).

For more information about EPIC please email