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Quality Indicators (SED)

The Serious Emotional Disability (SED) Quality Indicators (QI) offer guidance to educators and administrators when developing, implementing, and evaluating quality programming and services for students with a SED. The QIs cannot be interpreted as policy or regulation but as a tool designed to assist those who educate and provide services to students with an SED or those evaluating these programs. This document was designed with multiple purposes in mind:

  • A team may use it as a self-assessment or teams can use this tool to help build or create a new program or system for students with an SED
  • Building teams or administrators may use it to determine programming, resources and professional development needs.
  • Educational leaders (superintendents, special education directors, behavior team members, etc.) to determine if systems are in place to support high-quality educational programming.

The QI will provide baseline data which can be used to action plan and in turn monitor improvement of programming. Once the scores are entered for the Quality Indicators, team can use the evaluation data and graph with the action plan rubric to guide their decision making.

Benefits to using the SED Quality Indicators:

  • Help close the achievement gap
  • Strengthen student services
  • Decrease student discipline
  • Decrease out of district placements
  • Provide a strong foundation

Quality Indicator Tool for Serious Emotional Disabilities (SED) Programming

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