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Data Privacy and Security

Recent advances in technology and our ability to use student data to inform instruction and educational practice have created unique challenges in data security and privacy. The Colorado Department of Education takes seriously its obligations to secure data systems and protect the privacy of student data. CDE’s information security and privacy policy provides details on strategies used to keep data secure and private. Additionally CDE provides documentation that details state level student data collection and protection information and guidance to school districts on how keep their data safe.

CDE Policy and Documents

CDE Information Security and Privacy Policy (January 2014)

Topics covered include: Staff training on data use, security breaches, personally identifiable student data, and requirements for data sharing agreements.

Review and Approval Procedures: Agreements Involving Personally Identifiable Information

The Department has developed a review and approval process for all agreements that involve the sharing of PII.  That process incorporates several of the documents and resources on this web page. We have also combined these documents into a single packet so users can conveniently reference the review and approval process in its entirety. 

View Individual Approval Process Documents

District Guidance on Student Information Security and Privacy (January 2014)

Topics covered include: Creation of a data index; security breaches; data sharing agreements; disclosure of student data for studies on behalf of the district and for audits, evaluation, or compliance monitoring; and parent notification about and access to student records.

      • Data Collection Opt Out Requests
        To support Colorado school districts on data collection issues, CDE prepared this guidance for local education agencies when responding to requests that no personally identifiable information (PII) about student(s) is transmitted by a district to CDE’s data collection system.

State-Level Student Data Collection and Protection (January 2014)

Topics covered include: What student information is collected by CDE, how is student information is used, where the information is stored, how the information is safeguarded, who has access to student data, when data is archived/deleted, and student privacy safeguards.

Parent/Legal Guardian Requests for Student-Level Information

This document explains the process by which student information collected by CDE may be obtained by a parent/legal guardian.

CDE Agreements Involving Personally Identifiable Information

Pursuant to CDE’s Information Security and Privacy Policy, all CDE agreements involving Personally Identifiable Information must undergo rigorous review processes at CDE. On May 1, 2014, CDE instituted its data and security review processes. All contracts or agreements involving PII entered into, amended or extend on or after May 1 are posted here.  As agreements involving PII are approved, they will be added to this webpage.


Confidentiality Agreements and Training

Research and Evaluation Training for CDE Staff

CDE requires all employees that self-identify as being involved in evaluation and/or research activities to complete the “National Institute of Health, Office of Extramural Research, Protecting Human Research Participants” training, and renew it every two years. External researchers are expected to complete this training (or equivalent) prior to using and/or obtaining any staff- or student-level data from CDE.

CDE Employee Data-Sharing & Confidentiality Agreement

This document outlines the manner in which CDE staff is to utilize data and protect personally identifiable information. A signed agreement form is required from all CDE staff to verify agreement to adhere to/abide by these practices. The failure to adhere to guidelines may result in personnel action, up to and including termination.



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