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General Dropout Resources

School Emergency Management

Substance Abuse-Marijuana

Addressing Race/Ethnic Disparities in Discipline and School Referrals to the Juvenile Justice System-

Adolescent Development-

Alternatives- to Exclusionary School Discipline


Policy, Practices, Guidance and Recommendations to Support Student Learning and Address the Unintended Consequences of School Discipline and Race/Ethnicity Disparities (See also School Climate)


Relationships, Partnerships with Other Service Providers-

School Climate and Supportive School Discipline


  • Service-Learning Toolkit
    Strategies for Student Engagement: A Toolkit to Implement Quality Service-Learning in Colorado
  • Engaged for Success
    A resource for using Service-Learning as a dropout prevention strategy.
  • SEDL
    Resource Guide for Planning and Operating After School Programs, broken down with resources for each section: management, communication, programming, school day integration, community building, and evaluation
  • National Institute on Out of School Time
    Numerous publications online including research, policy papers, trainings and a clearinghouse of projects and initiatives