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Wildlife in Colorado

Revised July 2012

This list of selected Colorado government resources was prepared by the staff of the Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL). Contact us at

Wildlife abounds in the state and provides opportunities for various outdoor activities. Information about wildlife, wildlife protection, and the impacts on wildlife is available from several state agencies, but primarily from the Colorado Division of Wildlife. The following are selected Internet sites and print publications on this topic. The print publications can be borrowed from the Colorado State Publications Library as described in the last paragraph.

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Selected Internet Sites:

Accessibility Information For Individuals With Disabilities - Links to pages with a wealth of information on opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in and enjoy Colorado's wildlife-related activities.

Aquatic Wildlife Research - Web page assists in the dissemination of information about on-going investigations by the Aquatic Wildlife Research Group which is developing the necessary knowledge, techniques, and procedures to effectively manage Colorado's aquatic wildlife.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Relocation - Includes application forms, regulations, frequently asked questions plus links to general information on the black-tailed prairie dog.

Careers in Wildlife Management - This page provides a definition of wildlife management and managers plus the education needed and the job opportunities available in the field.

Chronic Wasting Disease - Information on this disease found in deer and elk including testing results.

Colorado Birding Trail - Learn the basics of bird watching. Includes detailed information on places to find particular species, along with general information on bird viewing trails.

Colorado Wetland Wildlife Conservation Program - The purpose of the Wetlands Program is to protect wetlands and wetland-dependent wildlife through incentives and other voluntary means. Several strategies embrace cooperation among various entities, and includes database and project monitoring.

Division of Wildlife (CDOW) Homepage - This page provides links to the activities of the CDOW in the function of managing the state wildlife species and public wildlife areas, regulating hunting and fishing activities, conducting research, wildlife education and providing technical assistance.

Fishing in Colorado - This web page provides links to a fishing conditions report, stream flows, and fishing with kids information among others.

Gray Wolf Management - To prepare for any future wolf migrations into Colorado, the DOW has set up a multi-disciplinary work group that developed a draft Wolf Management Plan linked from this page plus other related documents to wolf management in other areas.

Habitat Partnership Program - This program is designed to help alleviate crop, rangeland forage and fence conflicts between big game animals and livestock on private and public lands through partnerships to resolve any conflicts.

Hunting in Colorado - This web site includes links to hunting seasons, licensing deadlines, and hunter education information plus much more.

Image Database - Search or browse through free images from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Insect Resources - Facts on insects from the Colorado State University Extension Service.

Kids Discovery Pages - For kids and teens to learn through species profiles, hear animal sounds, see sights, and answer puzzles.

Listing of Endangered, Threatened, and Wildlife Species of Special Concern - This web site lists the species common name, scientific name, and status plus many have links to further description of the species.

Living with Wildlife - Helpful tips on how to live with wildlife such as deer, coyote, beaver, bats, bears, lions, geese, etc.

Natural Diversity Information Source (NDIS) - The mission of NDIS is to provide mapping, data, and analysis needed to enhance decisions on habitat and conservation planning issues affecting Colorado's animals, plants, and natural communities.

Search State Wildlife Areas - Click on a state map to choose a State Wildlife Area by county or region or search by name. Properties not only protect wildlife habitat, but also provide the public with opportunities to hunt, fish, and watch wildlife.

Species Profiles - Click on the name of the mammal, fish, bird, or amphibian and see the description, range, habitat, diet, reproduction, and endangered status.

Teaching and Learning Resources for Educators - Teaching and learning resources for educators to develop awareness, knowledge and skills which will result in informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive actions for wildlife. A list of educators resources is included.

Videos - watch videos on hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing and mountain lion safety from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Viewing Wildlife in Colorado - Here are tips on how and where to see wildlife in a responsible manner that causes little or no disturbance or harm to the animals.

Whirling Disease and Colorado's Trout - Important facts on this parasitic infection of trout and salmon including prevention and control.

Wildlife Research - Recent studies on aquatic animals, birds and mammals.

Selected Print and Electronic Publications

Title: Black-tailed prairie dog study of eastern Colorado (CD ROM) / prepared for Colorado Department of Natural Resources ; prepared by EDAW, Inc.
Call Number: NR1.2/B56/2000
Publisher: Fort Collins, Colo.: EDAW, Inc., 2000, also available on the Internet at:

Title: Chronic Wasting Disease Overview: Hunter Information
Author: Seidl, Andrew et. al.
Call Number: UCSU5/2.12/APR03-04
Publisher: Colorado State University, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2003, 6p. also available on the Internet at "Livestock and Wildlife Diseases":

Title: Colorado Outdoors
Call Number:NR6.14/current issue
Publisher: Colorado Division of Wildlife, bimonthly magazine

Title: Colorado State Wildlife Areas
Call Number: NR6.64/year
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2008-

Title: Colorado Wildlife Viewing Guide
Call Number: NR6.2/W29/2000/2
Author: Young, Mary Taylor
Publisher: Helena, MT: Falcon Press, 2nd ed. 2000, 216 p. includes color photos and maps.

Title of Series: Colorado's Wildlife Company: A Quarterly Compendium of Wildlife Appreciation, made possible by the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Watchable Wildlife Program and, in part, by the Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Fund. The following titles in the series are an 8- page fold-out sheet and are in print and on the Internet at:

  • Hip on Herpes: Colorado's Reptiles and Amphibians, NR6/125.13/2004/fall
  • Wolves, Knocking at Colorado's Door, NR6/125.13/2004/summer
  • Clouds Over the Prairie, NR6/125.13/2004/spring
  • Chubs in the Tub: Saving Suckers, Dancing with Dace, NR6/125.13/2003/fall
  • Hawks of Summer, NR6/125.13/2003/summer
  • Porcupines and Skunks, NR6/125.13/2003/spring
  • Spring Wildlife Viewing: Eyes Have It, NR6/125.13/winter
  • Bears, NR6/125.13/2001/spring
  • Moose on the Loose, NR6/125.13/2000/fall
  • Flight, NR6/125.13/2000/summer
  • Wildlife at Home, NR6/125.13/2000/spring
  • Lynx: Return of the shadow cat, NR6/125.13/1999/fall
  • Listen: Learning to listen, NR6/125.13/1999/summer
  • Little Owls, NR6/125.13/1999/winter
  • Compendium of Wildlife Appreciation (Print only), NR6/125.13/1999/spring
  • Gnawing Natives: Colorado's mice & rats, NR6/125.13/1998/spring
  • Place for Snakes, NR6/125.13/1998/fall
  • Bison & Wild Horses: The non-wildlife wildlife, NR6/125.13/1998/summer
  • Eye for Eagles, NR6/125.13/1998/winter
  • Hoofs & Horns, NR6/125.13/1997/fall
  • Summer's Hummers, NR6/125.13/1997/summer
  • Birding Primer, NR6/125.13/1997/spring
  • Feeding Birds, NR6/125/13/1997/winter
  • Colorado Cats, NR6/125.13/1996/winter
  • Watching Wildlife, NR6/125.13/1996/summer
  • Good Guys, NR6/125.13/1996/spring
  • Empty Creel: The impact of whirling disease, NR6/125.13/1996/fall
  • Falcons, NR6/125.13/1995/spring
  • Sharing the Same Nest, NR6/125.13/1995/summer
  • Teaming with Wildlife, NR6/125.13/1995/fall
  • Who is Coyote, NR6/125.13/1995/winter
  • Bears, 1994 fall (Print only) NR6/125.13/1994/fall
  • Small Mammals in Winter, NR6/125.13/1994/winter
  • Colorado’s Underworld, NR6/125.13/1994/spring
  • Colorado’s Non-natives,NR6/125.13/1994/summer
  • Biodiversity the Big Picture, NR6/125.13/1993/spring/summer
  • SENSEsational: Making Sense of the Senses, NR6/125.13/1993/fall/winter
  • They're Back!, NR6/125.13/1992/spring
  • Songs of Colorado, NR6/125.13/1992/summer
  • Return of the Natives, NR6/125.13/1992/fall
  • Parliament of Owls: Owls Birds of the Night, NR 6/125.13/1992/winter
  • Colorado Predators: Watching the Watchers, NR6/125.13/1991/winter
  • Urban Wildlife: Wild Neighbors, NR6/125.13/1991/spring
  • Creatures of the Night: Working the Night Shift, NR6/125.13/1991/fall
  • Habitat Crisis: Habitat Loss, The Real Threat to Wildlife, NR6/125.13/1990/winter
  • Hearken It’s Spring: Spring Courtship, NR6/125.13/1990/spring/a
  • Summertime, and the Livin’ Ain’t Easy, NR6/125.13/1990/summer/a
  • Prairie (Dog) Home Companion: Watching Wildlife, Wild and Alive, NR6/125.13/1990/fall
  • Tales of Winter: Is there a future for wildlife in Colorado?, NR6/125.13/1989/winter
  • Summertime Reveals Secrets of the Alpine Tundra, NR6/125.13/1989/summer/a
  • Wildlife in the Fall: Sights and Sounds of Autumn, NR6/125.13/1989/fall

Title: Developing with Wildlife in Mind
Call Number: NR6.2/H11/2000
Publisher: Denver, CO: Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2000, 6 p., also available on the Internet at:

Title: The Economic Impacts Of Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife Watching in Colorado: Final Report
Call Number: NR6.2/EC7/2008/INTERNET
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : BBC Research & Consulting, 2008. Available online only:

Title: Fencing with Wildlife in Mind
Author: Hanophy, Wendy
Call Number: NR6.2/F35/2009.
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Colorado Division of Wildlife, [2009], also available online:

Title: A Field Guide to the Freshwater Mollusks of Colorado
Author: Harrold, Mardy Nelson and Guralnick, Robert P.
Call Number: NR6.8/M73/2010.
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2010.

Title: Fishing Close to Home: A guide to the lakes and streams along the central Front Range open to public fishing.
Call Number:NR6.2/F52/2008
Publisher: Denver, CO: Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2008. 60p.

Title: A Guide to Wildlife Viewing and Photography Blinds: Creating Facilities to Connect People with Nature.
Call Number: NR6/125.2/W64/2008/INTERNET.
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Colorado Division of Wildlife ; Richmond, Va. : Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries, [2008?]. Available online only:

Title: Incredible Journey of the Greenback Cutthroats (video recording)
Call Number:NR6.2/C97/1996
Publisher: Borderline Productions, 1996, one video cassette of 30 minutes (A documentary look at the efforts directed at the preservation of the Greenback Cutthroat trout.) 2006 DVD edition also available.

Title: Lions, Ferrets, & Bears: a guide to the mammals of Colorado
Call Number: NR6.2/M31/1993
Author: Armstrong, David Michael
Publisher: Denver, CO: Colorado Division of Wildlife, 1993, 64p.

Title: Mammals of Colorado
Call Number: HED13.2/M31/1994
Author: Fitzgerald, James P. with Carron A. Meaney, and David M. Armstrong.
Publisher: Denver, Colo.: Denver Museum of Natural History; Niwot, CO: University Press of Colorado, 1994, 467 p. including B&W photos and range maps.

Title: The Nature of Southwestern Colorado: Recognizing human legacies and restoring natural places
Call Number: HED13.2/N19/2006
Author: Paulson, Deborah D. and William L. Baker.
Publisher: Boulder, Colo.: University Press of Colorado, 2006. 386p.

Title: Quick Key to Amphibians and Reptiles of Colorado
Call Number: NR6/6.2/H43/2008.
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Colorado, Division of Wildlife, Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation, [2008].

Title: Whirling Disease Habitat Interactions
Call Number: NR6/180.2/W57/ current issue
Publisher: CDOW, Fish Research Section, Federal Aid Project F-427-R, upaged

Title: Wind Power and Wildlife in Colorado
Call Number: NR6.2/W72/2006/INTERNET
Author: Gerson, Jennifer and David Klute.
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Colorado Division of Wildlife, 2006. 12p.
Available online only:

To borrow any of these print publications, contact the State Publications Library, 201 E. Colfax Ave., Room 314, Denver, CO 80203; 303/866-6725; fax 303/866-6940. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Publications may also be available at depository libraries that carry state government documents, or through interlibrary loan. For further information, access the Web site:

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