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AsthmaCOMP professional school nurse community with green circle and lung graphic

About AsthmaCOMP

AsthmaCOMP is a statewide community of school nurses applying standardized best practice asthma care in schools.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the AsthmaCOMP Professional Learning Community

1.  Asthma is a serious lung disease common among our students
2.  Help students self-manage their asthma to lead a full and active life
3.  Support from a community of fellow school nurses
4.  Unique professional development opportunities
5.  Obtain tools and resources for student, parent, and school community education
6.  Improve student attendance
7.  Improve school environment Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), eliminate triggers
8.  Learn to triage students at high risk of exacerbations
9.  Support student, family, school community, and provider collaboration
10.  Implement equitable student-centered care

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  • The asthma trainings below and those on our School Nurse Professional Development page are available for all school nurses and you do not need to be in this year's AsthmaCOMP cohort to access them. 
  • The 2023-24 AsthmaCOMP learning cohort is no longer accepting participants.  Watch this page for 2024-25 opportunities.  
  • Opportunities specific to this year's AsthmaCOMP Professional Learning Community cohort will be sent via email to those who enrolled.

Colorado Asthma Resources

AsthmaCOMP Expansion 

  • Coming soon!  Next steps for schools who have previously participated in AsthmaCOMP

Online School Nurse Trainings

Online UAP/School Staff Training



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