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Raw Data Files from APA Assessment Study


Augenblick, Palaich and Associates (APA) conducted a study on assessments for the HB14-1202 Task Force.  Committee members requested access to the raw data files.  Below, please find the de-identified raw survey data.

  • Colorado Statewide Assessment Survey Data: This is an Excel file with the raw survey data.  APA removed the identifier variables and recoded the specific role of the respondent (into the more general categories of district, school administrator, or teacher) as discussed in the prior email.  Note that the survey was really three surveys in one, with a separate set of questions for district administrators, school administrators, and teachers so responses for each of these groups are under separate question numbers and variables. Then, for each question and sub-question, data collected was recorded into separate variables for each assessment by assessment name (ex: CMAS, ACT, NWEA/MAP, Acuity, etc). As such, there are thousands of variables in the file so please keep in mind that multiple columns of data need to be considered at a time to answer a question.
  • Colorado Statewide Assessment Survey Open Text Responses: This separate document contains the text of respondents’ answers to the open text questions on the survey. There are three tabs for respondents at the district level, school level, and teacher level. All identifying information was removed to the best of our abilities, and the order of responses was randomized to further protect respondent identities.

As variable names in the survey data file are numerical, two additional files are needed for the intepretation of the survey data file.  These files are below:

  • Colorado Statewide Assessment Survey Codebook: This document contains the survey questions and the information needed to identify the numerically named variables in the raw survey data. Variables are identified by (1) question number and (2) response option. For example, question 2.2, “which assessment does your district currently use to fulfill the state-mandated school readiness assessment requirement?” has two possible response options: TS GOLD (1) or Other school readiness assessment (2).  The question number 2.2 would become variable name q22 (as periods are not allowed in variable names), then an additional sub number would be added to represent the response item so q22_1 for TS GOLD and q22_2 for Other School Readiness assessment. If a respondent selected option 1, “TS GOLD,” there will be a 1 (meaning it was selected) recorded in variable q22_1. Some questions were presented to respondents multiple times, asking about different assessments in each instance- these are “loop” questions. The loop codes, indicating which number corresponds to which assessment, are included in a separate document.



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