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Welcome to Colorado Coalition for Healthy Schools

Making the Connection Between Health and Learning

The Colorado Coalition for Healthy Schools supports statewide infrastructure and systems to promote healthy schools through policy, surveillance and partnerships. The Coalition is managed through an interagency partnership between the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


March 7, 2014 PowerPoint Presentations - Wheat Ridge Recreation Center:

Introduction - Amy Dillon (pdf)
Nutrition - Amy Dyett (pdf)
What's New in K-12 Child Nutrition Programs - Heather Hauswirth (pdf)
Barely Scratching the Surface Quiz Show - Rich Hughes (pdf)
Colorado's Nutritional Standards - Phyllis Reed (pdf)
RMC Health - Shana Patterson (pdf)
Fuel Up to Play 60 - Colin Lowe (pdf)

CCHS March 7, 2014 recording

December 6, 2013 Presentations-Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

CCHS Main Slides Introduction (pdf)
Childrens Hospital-Carrie (pdf)
COAHPERD-Leann Hepburn (pdf)
Executive Summary (pdf)
Kaiser (pdf)
LiveWell Colorado Intern-Christine Webb (pdf)
Brain on Movement-Chris Strater (pdf)
Presenters (pdf)
RMPRC-Elaine Belansky (pdf)


What's New!

The next CCHS meeting is on Friday, June 6, 2014 at the Adams 12 Conference Center, 1500 E. 128 Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241


Our last Coalition meeting  on June 7, 2013 reviewed:

  • 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results
    • Survey Summary (PDF)-Provides a summary of your sample, including the number of participating students and schools, response rates, and weighted percentages of students by demographic characteristics.
    • Summary Graphs (PPT)-Contains color bar graphs representing both "positive" and "negative" results for selected behaviors.
    • Summary Tables (PDF)-Contains the weighted percentage of students for each "response of interest (ROI)" for each question and each supplemental variable. The ROI represents a predetermined combination of response options.
    • Graphs (PPT)-Contains color bar charts based on data from the Summary Tables.
    • 2009 YRBS Summary Fact Sheet
  • Brochure about Colorado Connections for Healthy Schools (PDF)

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