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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - An Introduction to High Functioning Autism (Tri-State Webinar)

An Introduction to High Functioning Autism (Tri-State Webinar)

Audience: Educators, Other District/School Staff | Topic: Autism, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. An Introduction to High Functioning Autism (Tri-State Webinar)
On-Demand format

Presenters:  Dawna Sigurdson and Annette Wragge
Originally aired October 9, 2014


Learner Objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand the characteristics and differences specific to individuals on the higher functioning end of the autism spectrum.
  • Gain information on supports for individuals with ASD to increase success in a variety of settings
  • Be introduced to a variety of technology tools that can effectively support many individuals with ASD

Study Questions

After watching the webinar in the section called View the Webinar (upper left-side), please email Annette Wragge your contact information and your response to the 3 study questions receive your certificate and your contact information.  Annette's email is

Contact Information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email Address
  3. Your District
  4. Your Role (teacher, para, SLP, etc.)

Study Questions:

  1. Describe the characteristics of individuals with high functioning autism.
  2. Explain why autism is considered a spectrum disorder.
  3. List 3 supports that were discussed in the webinar for supporting students with autism in educational, home or community settings.


Contact Information

Janet Zimmermann


Upon receipt of completed study questions you will receive a certificate for .75 hours

Professional development events offers a certificate

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