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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - Catatonia and Autism, Part 1 (2-Part Series) (Tri-State Webinar)

Catatonia and Autism, Part 1 (2-Part Series) (Tri-State Webinar)

Audience: Educators, Other District/School Staff | Topic: Autism, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. Catatonia and Autism, Part 1 (2-Part Series) (Tri-State Webinar)
On-Demand format

Catatonia and ASD: Hidden in Plain Sight (Part 1)

Presenters:  Ruth Aspy, Ph.D.; Barry G. Grossman, Ph.D. originally aired Feburary 10, 2017

Learner Objectives

  • Define Catatonia
  • Describe how the DSM-5 categorizes catatonia (specifiers)
  • Recognize the key characteristics of catatonia
  • Describe issues surrounding catatonia in autism (separate condition?, waxing/waning)

Study Questions

  • Why is it important for professionals who work with individuals with ASD to recognize the signs of catatonia?
  • What are three symptoms of catatonia as defined by the DSM-5?


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Link to Part 2 of Catatonia and ASD


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