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Problem-Solving Strategies for Increasing Vocational Success (2021-2022 Tri-State Autism Webinar Series)

Audience: Advocates, Educators, Other District/School Staff, Parents | Topic: Autism, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. Problem-Solving Strategies for Increasing Vocational Success (2021-2022 Tri-State Autism Webinar Series)
On-Demand format

Presented by April Kisamore, Ph.D., BCBA-D

In this presentation, Dr. Kisamore will speak to the importance of employment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and share research involving teaching problem solving for vocational tasks to individuals with autism spectrum disorder whose skill sets necessitate supports and for individuals with autism spectrum disorder who require fewer supports.

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Learner Objectives: 

After attending this webinar participants will be able to:

  1. Speak to the importance of problem-solving during vocational tasks
  2. Identify a variety of problem-solving behaviors
  3. List the activities involved in a task analysis of problem-solving
  4. Give examples of procedures that have been effective for teaching problem solving
  5. Participants will be able to construct their own problem-solving training activities


About the Presenter

Dr. Kisamore has been active in the field of applied behavior analysis over 15 years. During this time, she has sought to create meaningful change in the lives of neurotypical children, and individuals across the lifespan with autism spectrum disorder and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. She worked and trained at the Marcus Institute, received her M.A. in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University, and completed her Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis at Western New England University.

She is currently an Associate Professor and the Director of Programs in Applied Behavior Analysis at Hunter College. Dr. Kisamore is also a co-owner and Director at North Jersey Behavioral Health Services, a center designed to provide services to individuals across the lifespan with autism spectrum disorders and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Dr. Kisamore is on the Board of Directors and serves as the Treasurer for Adult Community Engagement Services, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and providing community-based activities and supports for adults with autism-spectrum disorder and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Kisamore has published in areas such as verbal behavior, problem solving, social skills, vocational skills, functional analysis, and parent training in books and several peer-reviewed journals and presented her work at local, national, and international conferences. She is currently an Associate Editor for The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, on the editorial board for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and Journal of Behavioral Education, and has served as a Guest Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and has served as a guest reviewer for several journals including Behavioral Interventions, Behavior Analysis in Practice, The Psychological Record, Education and Treatment of Children, and Learning and Behavior.

Contact Information

CDE Autism Team


After watching this recorded webinar a certificate for 1 hour is available. Complete a brief survey and short knowledge check. A certificate will be generated if a passing score of 80% is achieved. 

Evaluation Survey & Knowledge Check

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