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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development

Accessing Math Through Digital Learning - Elementary Focus

Audience: Educators, Other District/School Staff | Topic: Learning Supports, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. Accessing Math Through Digital Learning - Elementary Focus
On-Demand format

Two 45 minute live webinars that will address accessing mathematics through digital distance learning for elementary and secondary students with math difficulties and disabilities.

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Webinar Objectives:

  • Supporting students with learning differences
  • How to engage students with learning differences in a digital environment
  • Resources for teachers and parents that support mathematical thinking
  • Appreciate and honor challenges and successes of our new learning environments
  • Opportunity for collaboration and sharing of best practices with other educators


Juliana Tapper, Dr. Mindy Adair & Veronica Fiedler

Juliana Tapper - Math Intervention Specialist & Founder at CollaboratEd.
Dr. Mindy Adair - Director of Mathematics and Technology Integration Specialist at Denver Academy.
Veronica Fiedler - Specific Learning Disability Specialist with the Exceptional Student Services unit at Colorado Department of Education.

Contact Information

Veronica Fiedler

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